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Donate Foundation is a young international and independent organization created to carry out, promote, collaborate with and support joint projects all over the world, with passion, effectiveness and expertise. Donate Foundation participates in fundraising necessary to support its objectives. The Association develops projects which enable sustainable long-term improvements benefiting the most needy, working in close contact with local communities. Donate Foundation brings immediate aid , assistance and support for families and children in emergency situations caused by natural disasters or wars , promoting their active participation and intervening to put pressure on governments and national and international institutions with the goal of improving the lives of anyone caught in circumstances of emergency or poverty.


Foundation Donate

Donate Foundation is an apolitical, non-partisan and non-profit Association for social advancement and assistance. Being advocates and activists means giving children who live in parts of our planet marked by poverty, illnesses and conflicts the possibility for a better future.

Donate Foundation plans to carry out its charitable activity through in-kind and monetary donations to aid needy populations, with particular regard to the support and education of children and young people facing hardships. In the scope of these charitable activities, the Association intends to pursue the sole aim of social solidarity and to benefit individuals disadvantaged because of physical, mental, economic, social or family reasons; alleviating the poverty of members of those communities, both through in-kind donations of basic necessities (clothing, food, medicines, etc.), and by donations generated by supporters who use the Donate Browser web app. Donations will be targeted to pay for basic necessities, to establish suitable facilities to accommodate children in villages or in communities that lack such facilities, or else to improve the ones that already exist or need to be built.

Donate Foundation also works for the full realization of the rights of women and youths, as well as for the protection of animals and the ecosystem, reinforcing the impact of concrete aid activities which raise public awareness, promoting its positions at the institutional level and often in collaboration with other organizations.

Donate Foundation intends to give voice to those who are not indifferent to poverty and are demanding a serious commitment to fight injustice, and to all those who are ready to donate their time to build a better world.

One way you can improve the world is by using the Donate web browser to contribute to Donate Foundation’s charitable work. Supporters can easily contribute to the fight against poverty and social inequality by choosing the first “world-solidarity” web browser supporting social projects with no added cost, available for SmartPhone, Tablet and Desktop PC.

Donate Foundation NGO .