Solidarity Magnets

The Donate Foundation NGO supports educational initiatives that promote literacy so that no child grows up without knowing how to read, write, or count. Giving a child a notebook, colored pencils, or a backpack means giving the most disadvantaged children the possibility to improve the conditions in which they and their community live.

250 million school-aged children do not know how to read or write.

In many developing countries, unfortunately going to school does not always mean learning to read and write. Many children do not have a textbook to study or a notebook to do their homework because their families cannot afford them or because educational supplies are difficult to obtain in the area in which they live.

Here are some examples of what we can accomplish with your help:

  • With one magnet, you can provide five children in need with a notebook;
  • with three magnets, you can provide three children with school kits that consist of a notebook, paints, pencils, and erasers;
  • with five magnets, you can provide two children in need with a backpack.

Solidarity magnet

The product description is only an example. Your donation will help children in the poorest areas of the world

Solidarity Magnets

Beautiful handcrafted magnets to attach to your refrigerator or elsewhere. Size: 7×5 centimeters. You can also use the magents as party favors for special events. Minimum donation: 5.70 dollars.

By choosing Donate Foundation magnets , your relatives, friends, and colleagues will witness an important gesture of solidarity. What is a small gesture is also an important gift for many children in need that dream of living a normal life.

Contributions are tax-deductible (except for those in cash).

For orders different from those listed above or to ask for additional information, contact us via our website.

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